Revolutionize Your Chicken Plucking with a Chicken Plucker Drill

What is a Chicken Plucker Drill?

A chicken plucker drill is a specialized tool that uses rotating rubber fingers to quickly and easily remove feathers from a chicken. These drills are typically electric and are designed to be used with a power drill. They are a great alternative to traditional hand plucking or using a chicken plucking machine.

How Does a Chicken Plucker Drill Work?

1. Attach the chicken plucker drill to a power drill.

2. Hold the chicken by the legs.

3. Run the drill over the feathers.

4. The rubber fingers will gently remove the feathers.

5. The chicken is left with clean, naked skin.

Benefits of Using a Chicken Plucker Drill

Chicken Plucker Drill
Chicken Plucker Drill

1. Speed

A chicken plucker drill can remove feathers from a chicken in just a few minutes, compared to the hours it can take to do it by hand.

2. Efficiency

The rotating rubber fingers of a chicken plucker drill are able to remove feathers from even the most difficult-to-reach areas, ensuring that your chicken is completely plucked.

3. Hygiene

Using a chicken plucker drill reduces the risk of contamination, as it eliminates the need to touch the chicken with your bare hands.

4. Comfort

Plucking chickens by hand can be tiring and uncomfortable, especially if you have to do it for hours on end. A chicken plucker drill makes the process much easier on your hands and wrists.


There are a few different options for chicken plucker drills on the market, including both electric and manual versions. Electric chicken plucker drills are typically more expensive, but they are also faster and more efficient. Manual chicken plucker drills, on the other hand, are often less expensive and are powered by hand rather than electricity.

Regardless of which type of chicken plucker drill you choose, it is important to maintain it properly to ensure that it continues to work effectively. This includes cleaning the drill after each use, drying it thoroughly to prevent rust, and replacing the rubber fingers as needed. With proper care, a chicken plucker drill can be a valuable tool for anyone who processes a large number of chickens.

Steps for creating a homemade chicken plucker drill

1. Gather materials

You will need a power drill, rubber fingers (you can find these at a plumbing supply store), a drill bit (slightly larger than the rubber fingers), and a pipe or PVC connector.

2. Cut the rubber fingers

Measure and cut the rubber fingers to the desired length. It’s significant to leave enough space between the fingers so that they can move freely and remove the feathers effectively.

3. Attach the rubber fingers to the drill bit

Using a glue gun, attach the rubber fingers to the drill bit, making sure that they are evenly spaced and facing in the same direction.

4. Secure the drill bit in the pipe

Insert the drill bit into the pipe or PVC connector and secure it in place with screws or a hose clamp.

5. Test the chicken plucker drill

Attach the chicken plucker drill to your power drill and test it on a chicken to ensure that it is removing the feathers effectively.

6. Use and maintain

To use the chicken plucker drill, simply attach it to your power drill and hold the chicken by the legs as you run the drill over the feathers. When you’re finished, be sure to clean and dry the drill thoroughly to prevent rust and ensure it lasts for many uses.